My teaching interests include topics in international relations, comparative politics, and quantitative methods. I particularly enjoy developing classes that draw on my substantive expertise in political economy, migration, and development, and on my regional interests in the former Soviet Union and in the Middle East and North Africa.


My classes all include a significant writing component that requires students to conduct independent research and analyze current political developments using theoretical background provided in course materials. In several courses I have incorporated novels, memoirs, speeches, documentaries, and even animated films into the syllabus, to engage students and encourage them to search for implicit political themes outside the traditional political sphere. Below are courses I have taught as the Instructor of Record and as a Teaching Assistant -- as well as a few  courses I am currently developing -- along with selected syllabi.

Instructor of Record:

  •  Current Affairs in International Relations [syllabus]

  •  Designing Social Inquiry

  •  International Cooperation & Global Governance

  •  Introduction to International Relations [syllabus]

  •  International Political Economy [syllabus]

  •  Peace, War, & Strategic Defense

Teaching Assistant:

  •  American Foreign Policy

  •  Global Development

  •  Introduction to Comparative Politics

  •  Introduction to International Relations

  • Quantitative Research Methods

  •  Undergraduate Honors Thesis Seminar (methodology consultant)

Currently in development:

  •  Comparative Political Economy

  •  Gender & Sexuality in Russian Politics: Romanovs to Pussy Riot

  •  Islam, Democracy, & Development

  •  Politics of Migration